Olympic Weightlifting:

We offer two Olympic lifting classes; a level 1 intro class and a level 2 USAW (United States of America Weightlifting) class for advanced lifters that want to compete with SunCoast Strength or Team Florida Gulfcoast.

Level 1 Olympic Lifting:

This is for members that want to spend more time learning the Olympic lifts. Class time is dedicated to technique. Very little weight is used in this class as the focus is on being able to perform the lifts accurately and repeatedly.

Level 2 USAW Olympic Lifting:

This class is for members that have base technique down and are looking for finer tuning. Class time is dedicated to following a specific program aimed to increase your 1 rep max. Though the program will be written for the group, you may be given individual drills to attack specific areas. Members of this class must hold a valid USAW membership and though not required, are encouraged to compete in sanctioned USAW meets for SunCoast Strength or Team Florida Gulfcoast.

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