If I told you today that you were doing 3 Rounds of 10 Clean & Jerk, 20 Toes to Bar, and 30 Double Unders would you know what to do? If not then you should not be thrown into a class only to get lost in the weeds and potentially hurt. CrossFit is not your everyday training program. It’s designed to met the training needs of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It will challenge both the newbie and the fittest in town. To be done safely and effectively a foundation and understanding of the movements are required.

At CrossFit 941 we run things a little different. We don’t have free classes where you jump into a high skill workout with little to no understanding of the flow of class or the movements. What we have are free small group classes that are only for people new to CrossFit. These classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30. Your intro to CrossFit entails a basic movement assessment, a health history review, an understanding of your personal goals, intro to CrossFit workouts, and a summary of where you’re at and what direction to take to meet your goals. You will not be pressured to sign up for anything. We don’t have contracts so you’re never committing to anything but trying. Should you decide to move forward, you will be assigned to a coach for up to (9) small group training sessions to continue to develop the foundation and skills required to enter into class happy and safe.

You’ve read this far because you know you need to do something. This is the something that can change your life and you don’t even have to put any skin on the table to try it.

Call or Text 941-212-2129┬áright now and start what you’ll wish you had started years ago

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