CrossFit 941 now offers CrossFit Unloaded classes. The Unloaded classes are specifically designed for individuals who want the constantly varied, high intensity aspects of CrossFit without the heavy barbells and tire flipping.

What is CrossFit Unloaded?

CrossFit Unloaded is CrossFit without the heavy barbells and with minimal technical lifting. The Unloaded classes are programmed using the same principles of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement as the regular CrossFit classes. The Unloaded workouts consist of running, rowing, air squats, push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, and gymnastics, Yoga, as well as weighted movements with kettle bells, medicine balls, light dumbbells and barbells. Just like our regular classes, all movements can be scaled to all fitness levels. Don’t be fooled though, these workouts are not easy, and it’s still CrossFit, we have just “unloaded” the barbells.

Who is CrossFit Unloaded for?

CrossFit Unloaded is for everyone! It is the perfect place for individuals begin their fitness journey as well as for athletes nursing an injury, on a de-load week, or for people who are slightly intimidated by heavy or technical barbell lifting. The Unloaded program is also a great place for people who are interested in our regular CrossFit program but want to build up some basic strength and conditioning first. Experienced CrossFitter or first time athlete, everyone can benefit from the CrossFit Unloaded program.

What can I expect during a class?

Each session is a 1 hour-long group workout, instructed by a certified CrossFit Trainer. Each class will have a warm up and instructional time before the workout, followed by stretching and mobility after the workout. Expect to have fun, gain strength, improve your fitness, increase your confidence, and make new friends.

Do I need to take the On-Ramp course before starting the CrossFit Unloaded classes?

Because this program is just starting no; you can jump right into the CrossFit Unloaded classes and the coach will teach you everything you need to know for that workout. As the class sizes build we may require a shorter On Ramp than our normal 9 session course. As always, if we feel you need the On Ramp course we will speak with you about it. Your success and the success of the group drives all of our decisions.

Can I go right into the group CrossFit workouts (WODs) after taking CrossFit Unloaded classes?

That’s a loaded question… Okay bad joke. In most cases you will need a short On Ramp to learn the technical lifts that are performed in the group CrossFit workouts.

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