Sep 2018

CrossFit 941 – CrossFit

As promised…


Metcon (Time)

As a team of 2 with both people working at a time (1 on Part A and 1 on Part B), work to complete the following against a 40 minute clock…

All work may be broken up as seen fit

Part A

10,000 Meter Row (100 Meters = 1 Rep)

Part B

400 Double Unders

300 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

200 Cal SkiErg

100 Toes to Bar

50 Ring Dips
If you finish Part A before you finish Part B, the workout goes to only 1 person working at a time. In other words, the only time both people can be working at the same time is when one person is on the rower. At no point can both people be working on Part B.

Your score is the time you finish or the time cap plus 1 second for every rep remaining when time is called. Add 1 second to your time for every 100 meters left on the row.

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