About CrossFit 941 – Bradenton

CrossFit 941 is located in Bradenton – Lakewood Ranch and is an Olympic Weightlifting and strength & condition facility dedicated to the personal goals of each and every unique client. CrossFit 941 opened its doors to the public in May of 2013 with the solitary goal of providing a safe and effective environment for members of the community to workout, socialize, and otherwise improve the quality of their lives. Their coaches are longtime members of the CrossFit community and student’s of the sport. They have developed a 3 time Pan AM Silver Medalist, a USAW Youth National Champion, and have turned soccer moms into Supermoms

Our combined expertise in Personal Training, CrossFit, Collegiate Sports, Sports Performance, Olympic Weightlifting, and Education make CrossFit 941 a premier facility for the advancement of athletic potential and improvement. We offer several programs to ensure that anyone interested in a new level of fitness can have that opportunity;

  • CrossFit
  • Kids Fit (ages 8 – 12)
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Personal Training
  • Sports Performance Training


Our CrossFit classes are designed for all skill levels, from absolute beginner to elite athlete. This program is the cornerstone of our training and is responsible for some of the most impressive life changes we have ever seen.

CrossFit Unloaded:

CrossFit Unloaded is CrossFit without the heavy barbells and with minimal technical lifting. The Unloaded classes are programmed using the same principles of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement as the regular CrossFit classes. The Unloaded workouts consist of running, rowing, air squats, push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, and gymnastics, Yoga, as well as weighted movements with kettle bells, medicine balls, light dumbbells and barbells. Just like our regular classes, all movements can be scaled to all fitness levels. Don’t be fooled though, these workouts are not easy, and it’s still CrossFit, we have just “unloaded” the barbells.

Kids Fit:

Our Kids Fit classes are designed to introduce our youth to the sport of fitness in a fun and safe environment. Kids Fit helps to provide children with a newfound strength and confidence, it teaches them about proper movement, nutrition and teamwork. Through the use of games, challenges and workouts we’re able to help kids reach their full potential and get a head start in athletics. We do not take this responsibility lightly, we recognize that your child’s health and safety is of the utmost importance and will always provide the highest level of care for every child.

Our Promise: Make fitness fun by encouraging play, teaching proper movement and team building, all while maintaining a safe atmosphere with only positive values for youth. We want to help mold the future by setting the foundations for healthy lifestyles and helping children achieve the impossible.

Olympic Weightlifting:

We offer two Olympic lifting classes; a level 1 intro class and a level 2 USAW (United States of America Weightlifting) class for advanced lifters that want to compete with SunCoast Strength or Team Florida Gulfcoast.

Level 1 Olympic Lifting:

This is for members that want to spend more time learning the Olympic lifts. Class time is dedicated to technique. Very little weight is used in this class as the focus is on being able to perform the lifts accurately and repeatedly.

Level 2 USAW Olympic Lifting:

This class is for members that have base technique down and are looking for finer tuning. Class time is dedicated to following a specific program aimed to increase your 1 rep max. Though the program will be written for the group, you may be given individual drills to attack specific areas. Members of this class must hold a valid USAW membership and though not required, are encouraged to compete in sanctioned USAW meets for SunCoast Strength or Team Florida Gulfcoast.

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